Lai Delle Nubi


LAI DELLE NUBI is an instrumental postrock band from Rome (Italy), featuring bassist Andrea “Bodz” Bozio, guitarist Andrea “Reds” Rossi, guitarist Max Napoli and drummer Stefano Mosena.

The name lai delle nubi, i.e. “laments of the clouds”, is inspired by one of the most impressive and sonically violent events in nature. Yet a “lai” is also a lyrical, narrative poem that often deals with tales of adventure and romance.

In May 2017, LAI DELLE NUBI released the first self-produced single record Voci per un neon (CD/Digital), with the b-side track Cerere included.

Between August and November 2018, LAI DELLE NUBI recorded the first long-playing record Tuēri (LP/Digital), released in January 21st 2019 under the independent label MiaCameretta Records.



Tueri (Vinyl, Out on January 2019) pre-order at