Black Tail

Black Tail1

Alternative, Folk, Lo-Fi, DIY wonders

After summer of 2012, our life changed dramatically. It became too hard to manage Desert Motel, our previous band, with all the distance, and lifetime’s things, visions and directions between. Not a big news for an indie band. For a while I’ve tried to keep the right distance. I’ve started travelling and working to build a new life on the other side of the ocean. I’ve met a lot of wonderful persons and felt at home in Boston, and Brooklyn, New York, then again, Rome. And here we go again. Back and forth. I’ve gathered all the leaves at my feet and wrote a lot, a million miles away. In different places, under different ceilings and clouds.

So, basically, Black Tail is my new thing. Me and Simone never left Desert Motel, but the new songs I’ve written are quite different and it started feeling so odd to go ahead with the same name and the old shadows at my back. That’s why I decided to change path, and headed for another place. Mine.

Black Tail is another story. Like the wild untamed spirit of the winter, I embraced the risk and privilege to start a new chapter – another – in my life, because that’s what the ground was smoldering. Truth? Isn’t been that hard. When you feel the need of something good, there’s no room for regret. So that’s my new story and new songs. And I hope you like it somehow.